WHO IS Sunny Side Up Ranch

We are a local Ranch located in beautiful Lake Elsinore, California.
On our Ranch we have chickens, lots of chickens!
One day we met this woman and asked her, is this what our chickens are suppose to look like?  We were hooked on these big fluffy butt brahmas, who were now ours!

From that moment on my husband and I were completely obsessed! Addiction Chicken 101 was in full swing now.  We fell in love with the Brahmas, and then the Orpingtons and then the Marans, it just kept going.  We love to sit out with our flock in the evenings or weekends.


Here on our Ranch we feed our entire flock, vegetables, kale, fruit, yogurt, and more as their special treats.  We get a kick out of meeting people and knowing our birds are going to a good home.  Our customer base has grown leaps and bounds, and one of our favorite parts is receiving pictures and videos of our chickens at their new homes.


Refunds and Exchanges:

We are now accepting pre-paid orders. Orders must be paid in full to be put in line to receive your own cute little chicks.

Once your order goes in there is overhead expenses and your eggs that are put in are reserved for you. There is 24 days of expense and care to get you your healthy happy chick. Therefore, this is no refund on prepaid orders. Thank You for your understanding. We can not take any chances on any chickens from the outside coming on to our property, I'm sure you can understand that. This is how we are able to give our customers happy healthy chickens.

Thank You for your understanding!