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Who Is Sunny Side Up Ranch?

We are a local family ranch located in beautiful Lake Elsinore, California.  On our farm we have chickens, lots of chickens!  

In 2020, we started out like many of you, looking for chickens for our family.   We met the previous owner of some of our current lines on our search for local chickens.  What a fateful day that was!  From the moment we saw our first Brahma, we fell in love.   Dave and I have always had a connection to our special needs community, and had wanted to start a business for the young adults in our group to run.  The previous owner was looking to retire, the idea was born, and we fell into a serious case of chicken math!  Originally looking for 9 chickens turned into buying the whole farm!  With a handshake deal, we were well on our way.  It required us to purchase a new home and we relocated all the birds to Lake Elsinore.  Chicken 101 was in full swing now, we researched and trained and know more about chickens than we ever thought we would. It's been the most beautiful adventure we have had yet.  We now offer our farm as a job training experience for teens and young adults with special needs.  We work the farm together.  There is more love than you can imagine going into every chick we hatch.  Proceeds from our farm go back into either the care of our birds or our training program. Our customer base has grown leaps and bounds, and one of our favorite parts is receiving pictures and videos of our chickens at their new homes.

With love, 

Amy, Dave and Brian



Refunds and Exchanges:

We are now accepting pre-paid orders. Orders must be paid in full to be put in line to receive your own cute little chicks.

Once your order goes in there is overhead expenses and your eggs that are put in are reserved for you. There is 24 days of expense and care to get you your healthy happy chicks. Therefore, this is no refund on prepaid orders. Thank You for your understanding. 

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